Grand Opening of the New Vue Charlotte Website

It is hard to believe that the blog has been going for over a year now and that about 200+ posts ago in September of 2010 we did one entitled: The VUE’s Online Marketing Is Still Under Construction. Finally, about 1 year later, they have finally updated it! The site, found at the, is refreshed with photos, better marketing, and is truly one that MCL and the new residents can be proud of. While the technology sometimes gets in the way (try scanning through the photos in a slide show) it is all-around very professionally done. Is this a sign of better things to come?

In 2 weeks, the Vue’s appeal will be heard and hopefully soon after that a final decision on the matter of the 200+ pre-sales contracts will be made. Most buyers feel they have honored their contracts which stated if they walked away they would forfeit their deposit. The Vue feels they have no right to walk away and must purchase if they have the means to, despite the fact they are now way overpriced in today’s market. The blog appealed for a year for some kind of compromise; none was forthcoming. The result: this court case and a tiny closed sales number of 18 out of 400+ units.

Now that the website is refreshed, will we see their sales approach refreshed as well? If so, the website does justice to the wonderful lifestyle the Vue Charlotte has to offer and I believe it can sell like gangbusters.

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