The VUE Charlotte’s Irene: Skye Condominiums?

In today’s Charlotte Observer, the headline reads: Luxury Condos for Sale. It is an article about Skye Condominiums, a “long-delayed high-rise condo” 22 stories high. It is a mixed use project including a Hyatt Hotel, retail space, and 67 condos with 2 penthouses. On top is an open-air restaurant.

The developer bought this at an auction back in 2009, so unlike the VUE, he can price these condos at market prices. A highly respected Charlotte real estate mogul is quoted as thinking the condos will sell fast.

Incredibly, the Vue Charlotte still remains at 17 units recorded in the Register of Deeds in a building with over 400 units total. The sales team will now have to sit and watch helplessly as Skye Condominiums markets itself, as quoted in the article, as uptown’s “first luxury uptown tower.” Some might say is Skye really the first? One thing is for sure, beginning this coming Tuesday, when the sales office opens, we’ll find out if Skye condominiums is the first luxury condo that has units that actually sell. It is clear the Vue Charlotte is dead in its sales tracks until something radical changes. That radical change could come if for example the Vue Charlotte wins their appeal and can force buyers who had pre-sales contracts to close. That decision is a ways off it seems.

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