Readers Weigh in On Yesterday’s Vue Charlotte Post

Sometimes it can get pretty tough here at Vuebuyer blog headquarters, and yesterday the heat was turned up by some readers who were pretty adamant that the post was off-base. Folks who are otherwise allies yesterday likened the post to a “Charlie Sheen moment.” “Disappointed,” “wrong,” “I don’t agree,” “who pissed you off” were some of the words used.

First, remember I don’t speak the gospel here. I just give my opinion and insights. I don’t claim to be 100% correct and am open to feedback when posts go wrong. Let’s revisit a couple of points from yesterday.

First and foremost, there was disagreement with my projected fate of the sales team. Let me say again that I admire the team and I think they have done a great job given the circumstances. I wish no ill for any of them. If they could stay when new management takes over there I’ll reverse myself from yesterday and say there is a strong argument that they would be an asset rather than a liability. So I’ll stand corrected there and express my hope that they do get to remain.

As a warning though, I would say that I liked the Churchill sales team too. They are long gone. This is why I am concerned about the current team. When new management takes over, oftentimes they want their own team in. So I would still urge the current team to prepare for that eventuality in case it occurs. Again, I hope it doesn’t.

Next, in regards to Guaranteed Rate, I got feedback that the lender has done everything they have been asked to do, which is to lend money. This lender may take risks that other lenders perhaps cannot, and has been a good fit for the Vue. I’ll accept that. I have heard nothing but good things about the work the lender has done, so I agree with my critics that Guaranteed Rate should stay on. But I still would state that the Vue needs name brand lenders added back to the list.

Finally, there are folks who believe that new management taking over the Vue right now is nothing but wishful thinking. They take MCL at their word that they indeed have the funds to last 3 years and that by then the market will have turned the corner. My answer to this is while anything is possible, this really sounds like an incredibly low probability scenario.

Please continue to share your feedback as my wish for the blog is that all points of view are heard. As always, mail it to

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