Today’s Vue Charlotte Buyer Assignment Is To Read the Comments

One of the fringe benefits that come with a Charlotte Observer article on the Vue is that we get to hear from lots of readers who want to weigh in on the situation. Of course, it is impossible to tell who these people are and some are indeed kooks, but there are insights to be gained so I urge everyone to read through them.

MCL’s favorite commenter will most likely to be JockDudeNC, who sides completely with the Developer on this and feels it is the buyers’ who are the greedy ones. The majority of comments are pretty much in favor of the ruling, although I don’t have a great feeling some of the people really understand the issue the way they need to in order to post an informed opinion.

Now that the euphoria is gone, we get back to reality this week and read more carefully the quote from MCL in the article Vue Can’t Force Buyers To Close:

“The VUE is disappointed with the ruling…,” MCL president and CEO Dan McLean  said in a statement. “We believe we have a strong position and hope the  appellate court will review the case and we will prevail.”

At some point, we’ll need to explore in a post what he might mean by the word “prevail.” Forcing buyers to close at large losses on units they don’t want to live in is not a business I would like to be in.

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