Another Note From Our Resident Vue Charlotte Enthusiast

It is always nice to hear from Dave, one of the most passionate residents inside the Vue. I really appreciate his feedback on what is going on and he does pose some interesting questions which I will not address today. Here is his note!

Hi Mike,

I’ve been following your blog and find it interesting that no one ever mentions the penalty charges (16% per year) or possible FICO impacts.  Is there a clause when this would kick in since it’s now approaching 6 months / 8% for some of the early ones like myself?

Also FYI, they are planning the first meet and greet for residents this week… unfortunately I’m out of town so can’t participate.  I am looking forward to meeting some of the new buyers… seems to be a mix of young couples with kids and older residents (like myself) plus several small dogs.

I did get a chance to try out the pool during the short heat wave and it’s was great… crystal clear water with temperature in the mid-high 70’s.  Also, shots some hoops inside the tennis court area… either I’ve gotten better with age or it’s a forgiving rim (more likely)!  🙂

Have feedback? Please write

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