Sweet 16 Vue Charlotte Sales

Another big week for the Vue — 2 sales on the higher floors getting the closings up to 16! Are they that good that they were able to time this so perfectly with the NCAA tournament?!

Units 3705 and 3904 have appeared now in the Register of Deeds. There is an interesting factoid on each of these. One of them is actually a trade UP…in other words, the buyer originally contracted for a unit on one floor and was able to buy a more luxurious unit on a slightly higher floor. From my view looking from the outside, this is again a sign that the Vue is working with people to give them what they want.

The next interesting fact is that I don’t have the second buyer, 3904, on the pre-sales list. Recall that we do not necessarily have every buyer that pre-sold. We only have the ones that Churchill pre-sold before MCL took over. It would be very nice to know whether this was indeed a pre-sale or a new sale?

At any rate, a sale is a sale. Friday afternoon in the sales office around Happy Hour might not be a bad place to be today!

Have feedback? Please write to vuebuyer10@yahoo.com.

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