Trump to the Rescue of the Vue Charlotte?

Please treat this as you would an article you see in a tabloid newspaper. In other words, I have not a single fact to support this post. But when I read today that Trump has “specific” plans to buy property here, I couldn’t help but wonder if one of those targets was the Vue Charlotte?

We all now know why Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon and how much smarter he was than MCL in mid-2000. Trump was looking to build in Uptown at the very same time MCL came in and rescued Churchill from the Vue project. Trump in the end decided not to move forward. MCL did. The result? An empty 51 story floor-to-ceiling glass building and no cash for MCL. And for Trump, he now can come in flush with cash and buy whatever he wants at discounted prices.

Real estate is a risky business. You win some, you lose some. In this case, MCL lost big, and can now only hope that someone comes and pays enough for the building so they can live for another day.

The observer article can be found here and is entitled: Trump has eye on Charlotte Property.

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