The Interesting Development at the Vue Charlotte

The blog has received several inquiries about what the new wrinkle was at the Vue, so it is time to post this positive development on the part of the Vue Charlotte sales team.

If you recall, there were many references in the past to the Vue working “1 on 1” with buyers to help them through the obstacles preventing them from closing. One of the previous blog posts referred to the “want to close but can’t” camp, meaning that their economic circumstances had changed and they simply could not afford their unit anymore. The blog can now confirm that 3 closings have been sales where the owner traded their original unit for a different one.  While we try hard to ‘inform’ and not ‘influence,’ it is hard to see how this development can be viewed in any other way except a positive one.

Almost across the board, the feedback the blog receives is that the Sales team is bending over backwards to help buyers close. This would be the clearest sign yet that this is indeed the case. While it may seem like an obvious move to many, there have been other obvious moves that have not been taken up to now. Does anyone believe that if the Vue Charlotte had been somewhat flexible on price, that we would be sitting at only 13 published closings after all these months? Of course not. The hard-line, very consistent policy from the start, to not bend on price, is still there. But at least the first step, that allows buyers who are pressed for cash for their original unit, to trade down, is in play.  The blog is certain of 2 buyers but believes the number is at least 3 buyers that have taken advantage of this option as of now.

We will have to wait and see how many buyers come into the fold now that this option is being offered. There are also several buyers working through the process to close on their original unit as well. March will be a key sales month for the Vue. I think by the end we will see what the new lender; the current appraisers; and the top-notch sales team can deliver in terms of closings. If we do not see the number pass 20 closings by month-end, the Vue may need to re-think its strategy. For now, we’ll need to be patient and watch the team do its work.

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