The Wine was Half Price, But the Meeting was Priceless

Last night I had the opportunity to meet with 2 Vue Charlotte buyers that I had been communicating with for probably 6 months. To have opportunities like this is one of the reasons I have been able to get up most mornings and write my posts. It was a bittersweet meeting in that I once again got a taste of what could have been if all the pre-sales buyers had been able to close and move in to the building of their dreams. Judging by the meetings I have had so far, we would have all enjoyed each other as neighbors and friends and lived a great life in Uptown.

I have been contacted by several buyers of late who simply just want someone to talk to about their situation. The conversation I had last night hit upon a similar theme: the emotional toll this purchase has had on all of us. It is very real and has been handled in various ways. The blog and my wine bottles has so far worked for me; for others, just moving in and getting on with life has been the way to go; many others are still trying to sort out their emotions and their finances while sharing their thoughts with buyers they have been lucky enough to meet along the way. There are no great answers. We all cope the best way we can.

The best therapy I have found so far is to talk with other pre-sales buyers. One of the things we discussed last night is perhaps somehow we can find a way to accomplish that. The Facebook page talks about a porch crawl that is done in the Fourth Ward every year, where neighbors meet on each others’ porches, with the Vue Charlotte porch being the amenity deck. I may approach a couple of my good friends in the building and see if we can’t also do a wine tasting for pre-sales buyers. Maybe I can go find my long-lost realtor friend Dennis Marsoun and have the Dunhill wine club help with our selections.  It would be therapeutic and fun for us all to share our experiences.

And now back to business! It will sound like an NPR fundraising period, but rather than a constant refrain for money my repeated call is for soft copies of appraisals. These will never be posted on the blog, but will be used as I prepare a case study on the art and science of appraising the Vue.

Please send your feedback to

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