Vue Charlotte Unit 4302 Appears in Real Estate Lookup

At present, all save one of the sales appearing in the Register of Deeds site have now appeared in the Real Estate Lookup site. As we discussed, the owner of the above property is an LLC. The mailing address in Real Estate Lookup is to a First Citizen’s bank.

LLCs presumably protect someone from personal liability. This may be one reason why we see some of these popping up in our posted sales. If anyone understands the purposes LLCs can serve in transactions like this our readers would surely benefit from understanding their advantages.

Frankly, I must say that I expected to hear about more sales this week. I thought we might close out February perhaps approaching 15 or 20 closings. There is still a little time left, but it may be that the sales team is still recovering from the celebration of this monster sale: the largest yet at the Vue Charlotte.

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One Response to Vue Charlotte Unit 4302 Appears in Real Estate Lookup

  1. vuebuyer says:

    Heard there was another closing last week and a few more to come. Don’t know the details yet.

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