Giving a Voice to the Vue Charlotte Buyers that Need Their Deposits Back

We hope to be announcing some upcoming sales soon, but during this lull I was reminded in another conversation I had with a buyer recently how tough this is for those whose economic circumstances took a 180 degree turn and they simply cannot close. Even worse, the loss of their deposits has added to their hardship.

If there was a way to make all parties whole in this transaction that is what I would wish for. Unfortunately there are a good many that can’t take the loss philosophically as a lesson learned because they absolutely need their deposits back to make ends meet. To reflect on the transaction and what has transpired causes them painful emotions. Fortunately, many that I have had contact with who don’t plan to close have been able to move on (at least for now), but there are some that can’t do so as easily. I am asked by these people “is there any way to get my deposit back?” My answer is that I have heard of several who have approached the Vue and tried, but the response has unfortunately been there is nothing they can do. I don’t see that response ever changing, but if you feel otherwise or you have suggestions as to what the Vue could do to help this set of buyers while protecting their interests please share it with or in a comment.

Posts may get a little erratic again while we wait for news to arrive but we’ll do our best to keep providing a balanced view of the latest happenings at the Vue Charlotte.

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