Life on the Inside: Another Vue Charlotte Buyer Report!

We hadn’t heard from my good friend Dave in a while, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing his latest experience living at the Vue with all of us. He sent the letter below, which I am posting verbatim, with his permission.

Hi Mike,

I’ve settled in and am “living the dream” from back in 2005 when I signed the original contract… as you recall I had just returned from a one year assignment in Singapore and fell in love with city dwelling. I still have my 3 bedroom condo on Lake Norman, but the VUE offers a totally different environment and convenience to my office during the week.

Valentine’s Day was a perfect example… I checked out OpenTable at the last minute and found a special 3 course menu at the Harvest Moon Grille in the Dunhill Hotel featuring local farm produce and topped off with a long stem rose for Claudia. Yesterday we hit a tasty brunch at the Dandelion Market and the matinee showing of “In the Heights” at Blumenthal that was fantastic! We’re starting to plan for the uptown festivals like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Speed Street, and Taste of Charlotte… all which are all within a couple of blocks of the VUE.

I’ve noticed more and more lights on as I walk back from the IBM office in the Carillon Building on Trade St. There continues to be a steady stream of people being paraded through the Cyber Cafe and they even added artwork in the 8th floor hallway to my studio, giving it a more welcoming feel. I’m looking forward to warmer weather since I’m an avid lap swimmer and the full size lap pool was a key selling point and will become part of my daily routine.

I’m hoping others that have “dipped their toes in the water” will consider “diving in head first” like I did as the economy continues to improve and the housing market picks up. I look forward to meeting you in person some day and appreciate your efforts in collaborating all parties and showing all points of VUE 🙂 in your blog.

Please send your feedback to Dave, thanks for sending us this and congratulations to IBM’s Watson for beating the best Jeopardy players in the world!


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