Biggest Vue Charlotte Sale Yet

We mentioned that we had 11 sales in the Register of Deeds, and math majors will remind me that I can calculate the purchase price by simply dividing the excise tax paid by .002. However, I don’t always trust my calculator, so I like to wait to see the price in print.

Today, in the Charlotte Business Journal, the sale price appears for unit 4302: $1,579,000. This is a truly mind-boggling sale, made by an LLC that has 2 members. I looked into the LLC a bit and it holds none of the mystery of some of the others. It appears to simply be 2 people who knew each other that decided to invest in the Vue back in mid-2000 just like many of us did.

Like it or not, every sale like this adds credibility to the Vue’s contention that they should not lower their prices, and that there is tremendous value in this piece of real estate. It would be great if some of these folks moving in at the top of the building would speak to that fact, and maybe some day one of them will.

I don’t know who will eventually move into unit 4302, but I bet that is one spectacular unit. We can only imagine the Vue Sales Team after-closing party that must have taken place when this unit closed!

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