Vue Charlotte Be My Valentine

As we make a point today to tell our significant others that we love them, more and more buyers are beginning to demonstrate the same affection for the Vue. The month of February is shaping up to be quite a sales month, and I thought we would take a quick look at the possible scenarios for success.

With stocks, analysts often look for catalysts; factors that might drive the stock higher. Here are some suggested catalysts for the Vue:

  • The Economy is turning around
  • Financing will get easier
  • Closings will beget more closings as confidence builds and as the closers begin to speak up in behalf of the Vue (I really hope this ‘speaking up’ starts soon)
  • The Democratic Convention
  • New Businesses moving into Uptown
  • Revaluation may surprise to the upside as it has in many zip codes in Charlotte
  • The Vue coming up on the winning side of the lawsuits
  • The all-important “center” that has been taking a “wait and see” decides to close
  • Real Estate Brokers decide the building is viable and bring in new sales
  • Appraisals move higher

The probability of the above is not high, but it is not nearly as low as it was even one month ago. Spring and summer are coming, and that amenity deck is going to be a magnet for sales. There to greet potential buyers will be one of the most effective and determined sales teams I have ever witnessed.

Will the Vue be your Valentine? Are you snuggling closer to a buy decision? Please share your feedback with!

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