More Closings at the Vue Charlotte

In my previous post I hinted that there were rumors that there were possibly more closings at the Vue in December and it turns out that was the case. It appears that we all need to get used to the fact that there may be a several week lag between closings and when we hear about them.

The blog has been informed that we should see appearing online in the next few days 3 more units that have closed: units 3504, 805, and 3902. Needless to say these are all pre-sales buyers and two of the units have contract prices over $1,000,000. The two high-priced units have mortgages of 417K one from BOA, another from Wells Fargo.

I like to see these things with my own eyes before I report them, so I apologize if there are any errors here and will correct them immediately if I find one. But I thought it is important for all to realize that sales are moving forward, and we may be getting to the point where we can’t simply assume that the people closing on these are completely oblivious to the real estate market situation in Charlotte. Could there be concessions thrown into these transactions that bring the value closer to the above-current-market prices being paid? If there are my assumption would be that we will never know because the buyers could be subject to non-disclosure.

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