A Fifth Sale to Bring in a Happy 2011 for the Vue Charlotte

First off, Happy New Year to all readers of the blog! I wish you all great success in the coming year.

I have just been instructed in yet another way to search what has been sold at the Vue, and in doing so have come to learn there was a 5th sale in mid-December. From what I can tell, this was not one of the pre-sales buyers on the list of 178, but could have been someone who closed after the Vue disengaged with Churchill or perhaps it was another “off the street” buyer. It never came through MLS however, so that leads me to think it was a pre-sale. I believe the buyer or one of the buyer’s family is a member of the Facebook group so perhaps they will share their buyer experience there at some point.

This was a 41st floor sale! The corner unit, 4102. Wow, what a Vue that unit must have!

To see all the sales at the Vue, in addition to the Charlotte Real Estate Lookup site, you can go to the Register of Deeds. Choose Real Estate, and then put the document type as Deed and the Grantor as ‘Vue NC’. You will see the 5 deeds come up.

Please share your feedback with Vuebuyer10@yahoo.com or in a comment. Thanks to GCharlotte for informing me of this sale and the alternative way to search the public records!

P.S. While the blog has reported 5 sales, there very well could be others that have not reached the public records’ sites yet or hit MLS. I have gotten reports of other possible sale(s) but don’t have verifiable information yet to post.

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