A Vue Charlotte Christmas List

As I reflect on this past year and all the feedback I have heard, it felt time to compile it all into a Christmas list and hope that the Vue Charlotte Santa could round up a couple of unemployed reindeer and drop one or more of the requests into a present or at least a Christmas stocking. So here we go:

1. A Return of my Deposit

This one, I know, reminds me of when I would ask for a new car at Christmas. I never got one, and I don’t think I’ll get my deposit back either. But wouldn’t it be cool if the Vue just said look, the reality is we can’t give you your deposit, but here is 10% of it back, have a great 2011!

2. A Promise Not to Sue

OK, I know I was asking a lot with number 1, but number 2 should be a little easier, shouldn’t it? Hmmm, probably not. If I was an investor, on my list would be something like “Sue the @$@# out of these people, I need some cash to do my own Christmas shopping!”

3. Market Price for My Unit

Is this request so hard to do? It seems so. There has been virtually no publicly communicated willingness to negotiate on price, but I will continue to put this on the list as I think it is a fair and reasonable request. But in the spirit of the season, I’ll meet Santa half-way and say, I’ll split the loss with you…because I know you have many elves to feed!

4. A Release From my Contract

For those that just want the transaction to be over and done with, and have come to terms that there deposit is gone, this is a boilerplate one-pager and a signature. In fact, it could probably be packaged as a simple gift card. Should be no problem! I hope Santa really considers this one!

5. A Special Gift for the Sales Team

In the spirit of the season, it is better to give than to receive. Despite all the posts, I have particular regard and admiration for the sales team, who day after day slugs it out, and has to deal with a wide mix of customers, many in very difficult financial situations and dire emotional straits. I hope there is something in the Vue Charlotte Santa’s bag for them!

What is on your Vue Charlotte Christmas list? Share it in a comment or send your list to the North Pole via vuebuyer10@yahoo.com!

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One Response to A Vue Charlotte Christmas List

  1. CL says:

    I disagree with a couple of items in this list. I am also a buyer at the Vue and I am trying to raise financing for my one bed loft apartment in order to close as I think its a nice development. I am finding obtaining financing very difficult like I am sure many people are. Most of us put down deposits a few years ago and didnt expect the credit crunch but I expect neither did the Vue’s developer. I feel that if the Vue developer now had a line of buyers waiting in the wings then they would return the deposits and simply let another buyer purchase the home, however, this is not the case. The developer has in my opinion delivered on completing the build out and whilst it is not a particularly nice situation that we the buyers could lose our deposits. I also do not think it fair that the Vue developer fulfills what is required of them under the terms of the contract and then has to return all deposits because the buyers simply walk away from a project because it is not worth the original contracted price as I expect this might lead to bankruptcy of the developer. We should all know that there are risks associated with property purchases and we should all know that deposits are under the terms of the contract lost if the buyer fails to purchase.

    What I do agree with however in the list is that it is unfair of the Vue developer to sue those that cannot complete on the purchase due to financial constraints and failure to obtain financing. The Vue should in my view just retain the deposits as per the contracts and allow those people to walk away and move on with their lives.

    I also think that there are probably many buyers that can close perhaps even as cash closures but are failing to do so because of property values dropping. I expect that if the closures on the Vue do not drastically improve over the next months then it might be in the interest of the Vue to try and “break even” or even try to sell the units at a lower market price in order to pay off their own financing and make a small profit as there must be some margin for reductions in the interest of them as a company retaining liquidity and the Vue as a building retaining the HOA management company whcih surely will be dead in the water if more people dont close because it must cost a small fortune to maintain such a building.

    On a final note I agree the sales team deserve som credit because they have been available to me and trying to assist me right through this process so far and as yet I have not been threatened with legal action if I dont close, but then I am still hopeful to raise the financing and close!

    These are my own thoughts.

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