Vue Charlotte and Unit Square Footage

A few buyers have shared their appraisals with the blog, and it has been a general trend that the square footage has differed from what was originally planned. A reader shared an article in the New York Times entitled The Elusive Measure Known as the Square Foot. I think all interested in this project and in real estate as a whole will find it interesting.

For me, square footage is primary. It is the way I can get a handle on real estate pricing. The Vue Charlotte prices per square foot are high for Uptown, no doubt about it. And if the square footage for your unit comes in lower than you thought you bought, the price paid feels even higher. The article points out that one has to be very careful when using square feet as a measure. Another lesson learned!

Some readers have asked about the lawsuits mentioned in the blog yesterday. We may have some good news on accessibility to those soon.

Please share your comments and feedback with And thanks to the reader who pointed this article out to me!

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