Esposito’s Pizza and then on to the Courthouse

One of my virtual friends named GCharlotte gave me a great tip the other day to visit the Mecklenburg County Courthouse again and before doing so take advantage of the $5.00 special for lunch at Esposito’s Pizza. While not a place you want to go for atmosphere, the pizza was certainly just like you would get in the heart of the Big Apple (NYC) and was worth every cent. While I didn’t ask, I think most of their business is people running across the street from the courthouse and taking the pizza and other food offerings out. The lunch was appetizing and quick.

When I got to the courthouse, my worst nightmare occurred. The 17th century copier was on the fritz, and in addition, I had a Flip Camera in my bag which the guard told me had no business being within 10 miles of the courthouse. So back to the parking garage it went.

Fortunately, I was able to persuade one of the government workers to make more copies than the 2-3 copies that were initially offered to me. Unfortunately though, I found more lawsuits than I had been aware of earlier in the month.

It appears that the case that appeared in the Charlotte Observer where the Vue Charlotte was being sued is not the only case started by a pre-sales buyer. There are 2 more that I found. One may have been actually begun before the Berkovich case. The other appeared after. Both I think are signs of problems to come.

The blog is going to shy away from too much legal analysis, at least for now. But in general, here is how I see the legal approaches unfolding. Buyers have specifics to their particular situation that they are complaining about. And then there are federal law complaints, like the Interstate Land Sales Act. And then there are complaints around quality.

I have fielded many messages from buyers around quality. I have tried not to publish too much around this subject for a multitude of reasons, and I am going to continue with that policy for the time being. But to simplify the suits to the their essence, I see them this way: The Vue Charlotte believes they delivered what they promised to deliver in terms of quality, square footage, layout/floor plans, and timeliness. The buyers that are suing believe otherwise. Whose right? The courts will decide.

The “aha moment” for me today was the confirmation that there are now 3 suits from buyers against the Vue Charlotte, not 1. And I believe after reading the suits that they are not frivolous.

As always, I want to give credit where it is due and thank GCharlotte for his advice. There is no way I can do all this work on my own. I depend on my readers and virtual friends to help contribute information and feedback and tips. I do not know if these cases will be posted like the others were, but will let everyone know if they are.

For those that are in Charlotte and want to research these cases at the courthouse, you may email me for the case numbers.

If you have feedback, please state so in a comment or write to

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