Another OMG! The Vue Charlotte has Sued a Buyer!

I am sorry to report that the blog has been informed from a buyer that they have been sued for specific performance. This is, of course, terrible news if you are a buyer who was willing to lose your deposit but hoped that you could put the Vue investment behind you and have no more money at risk.

Taking a balanced view on the subject, I can’t say that if I were the Vue and had some 200 units pre-sold with only a handful that will actually close, that I wouldn’t be taking some actions to try and remedy the situation. I had hoped against hope that those actions wouldn’t be legal ones, but that seems to be the route the Vue has chosen to take.

Please share your comments and feedback with I want to thank this buyer for sharing this info with us, and I hope if others find themselves in the same boat, that they will share as well so we can get an idea of how many buyers are facing this and whether they plan to defend themselves or just go forward and close.

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One Response to Another OMG! The Vue Charlotte has Sued a Buyer!

  1. Rear Vue says:

    It’s good to see that the money that could be spent on marketing is now being spent on legal fees. When was the last time the website was updated?

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