Read the Complaint Against the Vue Charlotte!

I may have mentioned that I participate in a couple of places on the Internet trying to ferret out information and test out ideas. I have run into some folks I would love to meet some day; one who has helped us a lot on this blog with some insightful posts, CharlotteJW. Well, my latest ‘friend,’ if you can call him that, is GCharlotte. GCharlotte took a good amount of time and did so quickly so that we now have the entire Berkovich vs the The Vue North Carolina LLC complaint one link away!

The case hinges on what previous posts have made reference to, the Interstate Land Sales Act (ILSA). The Berkovich’s acted within the legal 2 year window that the act allows to cancel a contract. Most all of us are outside of that window. However, an interesting part in the complaint is where it says the contract should have stated there was a 2 year window, but didn’t. I have no idea what this means and it is really not for me to provide legal guidance. This is just what I was struck by and I haven’t read this in detail because I wanted to get the link out to all of you. I am sure it will generate much discussion next week.

Personally, at the moment, while I am in doubt that this would help me should I not close, I am decently certain the Berkovich’s have an excellent chance. As one person told me: “The Vue is going to have its hands full with this case.”

Here is the link: You will need to navigate a tiny bit when you get there and find several pdf files that are posted. I will be reading these as I am sure all of you will and I would appreciate you sharing what you think either in comments or with

Thank you GCharlotte on behalf of all the Vuebuyers for posting this case!

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