The Metropolitan: 80% Sold, 0% Risk vs the Vue Charlotte: 1% Closed, 80% Risk

I was struck today by an ad in the Charlotte Observer CLT (Charlotte Leisure Time Magazine) where there was a full page spread for the Metropolitan, a condo I discussed some time back. While I didn’t like the location, I loved the creativity they were employing to sell the units. If their current ad is to be believed, they have now sold 80% of their condos. And their buyers? Well, they have the choice of either protection on the sales price of their current home or some downside protection if real estate prices continue to fall.

The Vue Charlotte, up to now, has been sticking to its guns, and employing little to no creativity, and the results are clear for all of us to see. I said in the spirit of the season, I would try not to go as negative as I really feel inclined to go, so I won’t. I think the blog has sent a clear signal since its inception that we need some imagination from the Vue Charlotte in order to work with them to get sales moving. I have no inside information, but I feel like that time has got to be coming soon. It would be better late than never. It’s just a guess, but I’ll also say that news of changes would be greeted with great enthusiasm by the current sales team. I can’t imagine they would still be working there unless they felt like something was going to change to help spark sales. Otherwise, the majority of their showings have got to be for no good purpose as the pricing simply isn’t in line with the current market. Again, all this is sheer speculation, and my opinion only. Time will tell if I am right.

Also in this same insert is the announcement of the Fourth Ward Holiday Home tour that runs today thru Sunday. Having spoken with folks who in previous years have taken this tour, I know it is a big hit and worth doing.

Please continue to share your feedback with!

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