Uptown Sales Update and the Vue Charlotte

As you no doubt have noticed, the frequency of posts has gone down as the news has literally dried up. Is no news good news? Probably not. But we are in December and as much as possible we will try to keep with the spirit of the season. I am truly hoping to have good news to publish but as I have said before it is becoming harder and harder for me to figure out where it is going to come from.

The Uptown Sales update for November has been posted and it can be found at the Charlotte Real Estate Update blog. The grim news on Uptown sales is all described there (for example, only 8 units closing in Uptown in October) and as always I recommend you read it to keep up with what the reality of real estate sales is in Uptown Charlotte.

We only know of 4 sales at the Vue, 1 that hasn’t appeared in MLS yet. I don’t know why. There may be other sales. No one has adequately explained why sales aren’t appearing or being communicated out quickly. It would seem to me that we would want sales news to travel fast, but it isn’t. So while we only know of 4, we can’t assume that is all there is.

There is no chatter on the Facebook Homebuyer’s page. Very little email coming in. My feeling is that the close/no close feedback is being gathered by the Vue, and once that process completes, we find out what’s next.

Please keep the pre-sales buyers informed by writing to vuebuyer10@yahoo.com!

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