Fourth Ward Tour Begins this Week: Time For the Vue Charlotte to Show Off

It was a very quiet Thanksgiving week in terms of news on the Vue Charlotte. In Saturday’s Observer though, there was an article about the upcoming tour of the Fourth Ward, where folks will get an “exclusive peek at the Vue Charlotte high-rise, and its pool, tennis courts, and dog park.” The article with information on dates, times, and costs, is entitled:  Tour Showcases Homes in Historic Fourth Ward.

I hope some of the residents will attend and talk up the building, and if there could be any way that there is wine served, this would make my next blog article that much more complimentary!

The VueCharlotte web site is still from August, and even if it is not deemed to be a big factor in the overall marketing effort, I hope they can get it updated this week in time for the tour as I am sure it will draw some traffic. It really wouldn’t take much work to do so.

Please share your information with so we can keep the blog in business over the holidays!

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1 Response to Fourth Ward Tour Begins this Week: Time For the Vue Charlotte to Show Off

  1. Ken says:

    Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since the Grand Opening and still we have no video tour, no new photos and absolutely no update of anything on the website in over three months. Not to mention the latest newsletter is from March. Fantastic marketing job people. Four sales in over two months. At that rate it will take over 16 years to sell out.

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