Sharing Some Joy from the Vue Charlotte Cyber Cafe!

On Friday afternoon I received this gleeful mail from I think the 4th person to close at the Vue Charlotte. I had to wait to post because I wanted his permission to do so, which he thankfully gave me on Sunday. I was thirsting for some good news to post and this definitely filled the bill!

Hi Mike, I closed this morning and am sitting in the VUE’s Cyber Cafe using the wireless access.  I think I’m #4 according to Wanda at the front desk and getting oriented to the new studio, parking, storage area, amenities, etc.  I hope some more people start to close soon so I have someone to talk to in person!  🙂

I am particularly thrilled with this closing because it is someone I have been communicating with in mail since September. One of the benefits of running the blog is getting to “virtually meet” some great people. I know this buyer has been going through all the ups and downs that many of us have, and has decided that the Vue Charlotte is right for him. This is the way it should be and I think it is awesome. Here is more great info that he has shared with me and gave me permission to share with you:

Subject Line of his mail to me:  #807 Closed on 11/19…Couldn’t Be Any Easier or More Convenient!

…it was a cash deal and the closing itself took 5-10 minutes with just the
closing lawyer and I picked up the keys at the VUE front desk later that
day.  I visited the workout area, pool/deck, and then to the Cyber Cafe to shoot some pool and watch the news on TV.  I walked across the street to the Harris Teeter for snacks/drinks and making plans to hit some of the Christmas shows a few blocks away at Blumenthal and Spirit Square… seems like everything is right here at our fingertips!

Skeptics might read this and think this came from someone working with the Vue since it sounds so pro Vue Charlotte! Some of the folks that I communicate with are from out of town, so they especially must wonder, not being as close to the situation as others of us are. I can tell you having communicated for weeks with this buyer that all the excitement you are reading above is genuine; that the Vue Charlotte is a beautiful building, and the 4 folks that currently own units there have a phenomenal living arrangement. And I share with buyer #4 that I do hope more people can and do close so that the Vue Charlotte is a success.

During the week of Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for the happy ending for buyer #4 and for his willingness to share his joy with all of us. I hope you all will continue to share with!

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