Legal Silver Bullets? Personally, I Doubt There are Any

I would like to confess that I had a dilemma the other day that I want to share with all of you. I received email as well as comments on the blog that suggested there were some legal avenues, heretofore undiscovered, that a law firm had come across, that would help the Vue Pre-Sales buyers in navigating through this difficult time. The decision I had to make was to approve these comments, or to check them out first, and then approve. After some passionate email urging me to approve, that is what I did. It turns out to have been, in my mind, a mistake.

I highly encourage comments and feedback and do my best to post most information whether I agree with it or not, so long as it is provided responsibly and in good faith. I do my best to keep the blog accurate and credible, and correct mistakes if any are made. The comments that appeared I believe were made in good faith, but they turn out to have been misleading. Here is an example:

He has discovered something to help you all but you need to call ASAP!

This was something the firm wanted me to remove and I actually removed all the comments made in reference to it, even though parts of them were to me, accurate.

After having gone in for my own consultation, as I have done with Larry the Lawyer and a few others, I can unconditionally say that I was impressed with the firm and would use them perhaps over any other that I have heard of so far if I decide to get some in-depth legal advice. The comments that I approved actually say this very same thing. So in that sense, they were great comments and I am glad they were provided. Because of these comments, I had the opportunity to engage this firm, and for that, I am thankful they were made.

But as many of you know, I want desperately for all sides to have to avoid lawsuits and the legal expenses associated with them. No one is guaranteed to win except the lawyers if it comes to this. My hope is a way for the pre-sales buyers who can close to do so but in such a way that they don’t absorb the entire impact of the  market downturn.

The comments that I deleted do say much of what I have said above…that, in summary, the firm is a strong one and if you want legal advice it is highly recommended. It is just to take it to the next step and say they have something that others don’t, that brings it into the realm of “misleading” or maybe is a “miscommunication” or in marketing terms, hype.

Many Vue buyers, not all, are in tough financial straits. To raise false hope is something I will be passionately guarding against going forward because some of us are in bad enough shape without throwing more money at this investment unnecessarily.

I feel bad not only for the pre-sales buyers, but for the Vue Charlotte, for approving comments on the blog for about 48 hours that suggested there are possible legal silver bullets. Even given the fact that they were made in good faith, I will do what I can to ensure this does not happen again.

I have removed the firm but do welcome any and all suggestions of firms you have dealt with and recommend. If I get enough of them maybe I will do a post on them. Otherwise, if you want details of the firm discussed in this post, send mail to and I will gladly share their contact information.

Again, my plea to all sides is to resolve these matters amicably and outside of lawsuits. But all of us are in a different circumstance; have different amounts at risk; and have different situations. We each have to decide what is best for ourselves; and the Vue Charlotte has to decide what is best for the Developer and for their investors.

I am sure things will get very interesting as we move forward. There may be no legal silver bullets, but there certainly may be some fireworks in the weeks and months ahead.

Please send feedback to!

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