All Is Quiet on the Vue Charlotte Front

I am afraid the day has come where we will need to reduce our blog postings due to what I think is going to be a very slow-moving process to cycle through all the pre-sales buyers and whether they will close or not. Some closing dates I have received are imminent; some further out. I get a sense we would be talking at the earliest January or February or perhaps even March before we know exactly who will close and what the Vue Charlotte’s actions will be towards those who do not.

As you hear things or feel that you have information that the Vue Buyers would want to hear, or even if you have private thoughts that you don’t want made public but you feel would be important for the blog to know so that we can accurately represent what is going on, pleases send them to

An example of what I am talking about is your appraisal. Say you got an appraisal and it was X. You may not want that made known but me knowing it is X can put it into a category of other appraisals I have received and I can know whether it is generally in the ballpark. I can also advise you if you ask whether it is consistent with other appraisals I have received without getting specific.

So far on the appraisal front I get the sense that not many have been done. I don’t expect every buyer to share theirs with me, but even with that I would be surprised if there were very many that have been completed.

I know the rule of thumb for a blog is to have regular postings, but that right now is going to be hard to do. This week plan on it being hit or miss, as I try to sort out a schedule that makes sense for me and for you. Obviously, the more people share, the more regularly I can post. But if there is not much going on, we can’t make up news when there isn’t any.

Take the extra free few minutes on any day there isn’t a post and put it towards planning a feast for your guests at Thanksgiving. I had been hoping maybe our newly minted Vue residents would invite us over for Turkey but I think I’ll start pushing for a holiday party in December instead!

Please share with!

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