A Light Vue Charlotte Saturday Update

One of our alert readers pointed out that all 3 Vue Charlotte sales now appear in the Real Estate Lookup site. You have to scroll through until you get to the floor of the building that the buyer closed on. So maybe now we won’t see a 2 month lag between sales for new sales to appear.

An interesting note on the 1MM dollar closing is that it is under the name of Sheldon Realty I LLC out of N.Y. that was established in 1995. I don’t know what to make of this but thought I would share it.

The rumor mill is acting up again but seems to be battling itself. On the one side are bad news rumors and on the other side good news rumors. So when this conflicted mill decides which direction it wants to go, and if I can get some confirmation, I will certainly post what it decides!

I heard in mail the other day from someone who wasn’t on our pre-sales buyer list, and so I asked: “are you a pre-sales buyer, an interested observer, or a realtor?” The answer that came back was hilarious…the reader said none of the above.  Rather, the answer was this:

To answer your question whether I am a buyer, realtor or interested observer I would say I am more like a vulture.  I would love to buy a unit if the developer prices them in line with the current market.   I’m just hovering over the project to see if the prices come down. 
I just want to send a message to the Vue sales team that I responded to this reader and said don’t hover to close because the pre-sales buyers of the Vue Charlotte are not dead yet!
Have a great weekend and if anything breaks, please share it with vuebuyer10@yahoo.com!
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