Tracking the Sales of the Vue Charlotte Online

I really don’t know how often these links will be used, as Vue Charlotte sales seem few and far between. Maybe that will change in the coming days. If it does, these are 2 links that I know of so far that we can track sales.

The first and the one where the sales will show up the soonest because I think it pulls from MLS is at You won’t see the first 2 sales in the building there because I don’t believe they were processed through MLS.

The second is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Real Estate Lookup site. To find Vue Charlotte sales, select the following–

Search by: Address.

House No.: 215.

Dir: N.

Street: Pine.

The first Vue Sale finally shows up on this site. It looks like it was almost a 2 month lag. And I was also informed that the price isn’t even right!

This appearing is yet another grim reminder that it has been 2 months since the first unit closed and we only know of 2 other units that have closed since then. That truly is mind-boggling.

We will be taking this beautiful fall weekend off unless there is some breaking news.

In the meantime, please share your information with The pre-sales buyers really appreciate your contributions!

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