Lessons From Obama for the Vue Charlotte

Two years ago some of us, perhaps many of us, were Obamamaniacs, ready to run through walls and do whatever it took to elect him as President so he could change the world. Seen to some as brilliant and immensely charismatic, he mesmerized the world with this grandiose speeches and his ideas for a better future. One of his basic principles was working with the opposition, reaching out across the aisle, to get America back on its feet. But unfortunately, and literally from day 1, he failed to reach across the aisle, stampeded  his agenda into law with no cooperation, participation, or agreement with his opposition, and on Tuesday watched his fellow Democrats get slaughtered, or to use his word, “shellacked” by the voters.

I couldn’t help but tie the election to what is going on at the Vue Charlotte. While Dan McLean is certainly not Obama, he is unfortunately our de facto Obama, and he will play a role in all of our futures. We were excited about the Vue, just like the Obamamaniacs were excited about Obama, but the world has changed. So far, as more votes come in, it is clear where this Vue Charlotte election is going. It would not be unfair to say that at this point the Vue Charlotte election is also a de facto  “shellacking.”

There was arrogance in the Obama administration; a belief that they knew what was best, and that eventually the opposition would see things their way. It didn’t happen. We saw some of that same arrogance at the Vue Charlotte: the building is one-of-a-kind, the units will appraise; buyers will have to bear all the financial pain; and you can scream all you want about your sob stories over the last several years but we are not going to listen to you…sign your contract or we will sue you. In short, the Vue Charlotte pre-sales buyers were being treated like Obama and the Democrats treated the Republicans–they were given no voice.

In his press conference yesterday, Obama took responsibility for the “shellacking” and said “in the rush of activity sometimes we lose track of the ways that we connected with the folks that got us here in the first place.” Well, this is how I felt sometimes about the Vue Charlotte team. Especially early on, the stories I received of customer treatment, some that I have published, were very painful to listen to. And for the Vue to have its customers, as represented in this blog, feel like they are under threat of a possible lawsuit every day, is not the connection you want to have with your customers. Obama yesterday realizes things must change. So should the Vue.

Obama, it seemed, tried to set a tone of cooperation, not confrontation, in his press conference. My suggestion is that the Vue Charlotte do the same. And I am glad to say, from what I am hearing, that this change from arrogant to cooperative is showing signs of taking place.

The most obvious example is from mail and comments on the Facebook page that the Vue has been very flexible on closing dates as buyers try to sort out their options and get their financing in order. But more striking to me is the comments I get like “XXXX was so nice when I called.” The comments I got early on were just the opposite.

In the end, though, it is the Developer that will call the shots and decide whether confrontation or cooperation will eventually reign. If we look at the current Obama administration, and judged them from their past actions, while there were olive branches handed out yesterday, cooperation with Republicans is definitely not in their DNA. It is only to save his administration from defeat 2 years from now that we can hope that there will be a change in behavior. I think we can make the same statements about MCL. While their first instincts may be fight and sue, my hope is that to save the Vue Charlotte, they continue on the path they seem to be starting on, which is to compromise and close.

Have feedback? Please leave a comment or write to Vuebuyer10@yahoo.com.

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