The Second Unit Closed at the Vue Charlotte

Many have inquired as to information on the second unit that closed at the Vue, and when both closing number 1 and closing number 2 will appear online. It appears the wheels move slowly and to my knowledge the digital records have yet to appear. I have been checking the Real Estate Lookup Page. If someone thinks they will appear in a different location, please let me know.

It looks like for now the easiest way to obtain public sales information will be using the Charlotte Business Journal. Thanks to a reader pointing this out to me, I was able to find information on the second unit to close.

In the edition dated October 22, Volume Number 25, Number 31, on Page 43, you will find the sale listed. The seller is listed as the Vue Carolina LLC. The buyer is there but I don’t think that is key so you can look that up if you are interested. The address is as follows: 215 N. Pine St. No 1402, Charlotte 28202, the Vue Charlotte, $340,000.

I haven’t confirmed this yet but I am going to assume this is contract price because the Vue Charlotte is so far, by all accounts, holding people to their contract price. I can tell you that cocktail chatter, and that is all I have at this point, is that there were some other elements thrown into the transaction to get the value up so that it could sell at contract.

You might ask what could be thrown in? My response is, I have no definite answer. I am left to speculate and listen to rumor. But I have been told that 2 common “value-adds” that have been used in other buildings like this are to throw in some storage area and parking space(s).

I know I say this every weekend, but I really mean it this time: I am taking the weekend off! Please keep your mail coming to I have plenty to write about, but I have to go get some Halloween candy and get ready for the Trick or Treaters! Maybe next year if we can figure out how to make this project work we will see lots of toddlers in Halloween costumes roaming floor to floor. If the Vue Charlotte doesn’t do something to change things though so more people are able to close, all we may find are ghosts!

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