Interesting Times at the VUE Charlotte

We are starting to see the news of the VUE get mentioned in other sites, which is probably why, as I have mentioned before, our traffic is growing quickly. I would love to see all the news turn positive, and I think it is pretty clear that with some open communication and some compromise, we would see just that.

If you remember Dennis Marsoun, who I met online, met for wine at the Dunhill, but was never able to convince the lively bartender that there really was nothing more to the relationship than that; well, he has posted a blog entitled “Interesting Times at the VUE Charlotte.” As I would expect from Dennis, he used a very careful choice of adjective, where I am sure many of us could insert a more hyperbolic term in place of “interesting.” That being said, I am referring you to his post not only for this but for his article on the Fifth and Poplar.

Dennis and I, when we were in our “getting to know each other” stage, went to Fifth and Poplar on what can be described as our second date. We walked through the beautiful courtyard, gazed the pool deck for shall we say youth and pulchritude, only to find another male that appeared to have been one of Molly MacPherson’s best beer drinking customers. We went from here to the all important dog-walking area, which was ample in size and if it were all about the dog, Fifth and Poplar would have been the place your dog barked the deposit out of your pocket.

Fifth and Poplar is a reasonable comp, I think, and the units were very nice. (so far though, it hasn’t shown up in any appraisal that I have been made aware of). We saw one where 2 were combined and it was gorgeous, albeit expensive.  It is also instructive for me because of how high the prices soared and therefore how far they crashed during the downturn. Dennis has a good article on that and how sales are picking up again there, but at $200 psf prices.

Have a great Sunday.

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