Important Note on Leaving Comments on the Blog

I have received feedback from some who have said they would like to leave comments on the blog but not necessarily display their email information. The blog was previously set to display email for comments. I have found a way to change that setting so now no email will be displayed. I think this may help make people more comfortable leaving their feedback.

In the form that pops up, you can put in any Name you want. You don’t need to put a website. I think you can make up an email address but again it is not published. And then leave your comment.

The other way of course is to share feedback with That will not be visible to the blog.

There was another setting that allows all comments to be approved by me before they are posted, and I have chosen that option. Previously, if you had left a comment before, your future comments would be display automatically. This will again give you one layer of protection, but may delay when they actually appear so don’t get discouraged when they don’t display right away.

Our lifeblood is now feedback and information. We  need as many contributors as we can get. I also hope we can hear many sides to this. In my experience, it is rare that decisions boil down to simple black and white. Grey always creeps in.  So if you feel that all this is overdone and that there is a strong case to move forward, you have equal access to the platform.

Thanks to all who are reading and to all who our contributing as well. Even if you are just reading, it really helps that you are because lots of readers keeps me interested in working hard at this.  Please let me know if you have any question on leaving comments.

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