Our First Vue Charlotte Buyer Poll

I often get asked whether I have an idea of how many people plan to close versus not. My answer is I really have no idea. While you would think that these posts might steer someone in one direction or the other, the truth is I feel like I hear from as many folks that plan to close as I do from folks that plan not to. Holly asked for numbers the other day, but I doubt these where the numbers she was looking for. However, I think these numbers would be useful to all of us. We have to understand though that this is very unscientific and so can’t take them to the bank. But I would ask all of our blog readers to take the poll, answer as honestly as you can and only once please (this isn’t meant to be American Idol!) and let’s see if the numbers tell us anything.

I checked and no email addresses or anything comes through, just which answer you click. So there is no risk in taking this poll. In fact, you can view the results any time by clicking the results button. To set expectations, we have a large readership, but very few comment, but I am hoping at least a few more will vote! The more actual pre-sales buyers that vote and answer as best they can the more informed we will all be, so please take the poll.

Thank you and have a great weekend. The next post will be on Monday. Not sure where I’ll end up this weekend, but am open to suggestions on where to eat next!

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