Vue Case Study to Urban Land Institute

Tonight is the big gala affair, and I know we can hardly wait. It seems time now to share with you an event that is upcoming on September 23rd. Dan McLean of MCL will be the featured speaker, and one of the first scheduled to be owners of the Vue, Rob Cummings, will also be speaking.  It is entitled The VUE Case Study. This event seems like a must-see for any Vue owner.  I have copied and pasted the description of the event below. The attendee list right now stands at over 80 people (all with ‘real estate’ type titles), so this is a big deal. From what I can tell, you don’t need to be a member of the ULI to attend. The registration deadline is coming up, so maybe we can ask about this at the event tonight to see if Dan recommends or thinks it is appropriate if we come. I hope he says yes. If not, it is still worth knowing that the VUE has this kind of visibility in Charlotte and in the Real Estate community. Remember our previous posts…it has no COMP!

The details of the event again can be found here: Vue Case Study.

This event was shared with me by one of our readers. It is yet another example of how we can all become more informed by contributing to the blog.  See you tonight!

Join ULI Charlotte for a behind-the-scenes tour of the largest new-construction, residential development in Charlotte.

Owner Dan McLean will lead an in-depth presentation on the complicated development process for The VUE.  Dan will narrate the full development cycle including his decision to pursue this project in Charlotte, experience in navigating challenging capital markets, and hurdles faced throughout the construction period.  Emma Littlejohn of the Littlejohn Group will provide commentary on the regional residential market, the accomplishment of completing a project of such a large scope in a challenging economic environment, and specific features of The VUE that set it apart from other residential developments.  Rob Cummings will discuss the importance of the development to the City of Charlotte and more specifically Fourth Ward, providing a community perspective to this collaborative project.

Topics will include:

  • Project conception, history, pre-development phase and the approval process
  • Construction challenges for an urban infill development, creating unique amenities
  • Navigating challenging financial market
  • Importance of project delivery to the city of Charlotte and the Fourth Ward community

Project description and details:

  • 51-story, 409-unit urban condominium tower
  • Includes 35,000 SF amenity deck with multi-purpose sports court, Junior Olympic pool and pet park
  • Developed by MCL Companies of Chicago, IL
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