Too Much Wine at the Dunhill?

As we move towards the big unveiling of the Vue, we are starting to get reports from folks that have seen the Vue and have opinions on the quality of the product. We are also hearing from Avenue aficianados who say the Avenue is a good comp and have a litany of reasons as to why. If you have seen the Vue and/or the Avenue or other comps and would like your opinion heard anonymously, please share it with Otherwise, please share it in a blog comment.

If you read the long (and thought-provoking) response from Holly in the post entitled “Sipping Wine at the Dunhill Part 2” she seems to think we need to sober up and not get carried away by opinions exchanged in a “5-star wine bar discussion.”  <g> (Holly, that line was hilarious!) I have also heard in email from some who feel like Dennis Marsoun and I indeed had too much wine and were not quite in control of all our faculties when the opinion was rendered that the Avenue is not a good comp for the Vue.  There is a certain amount of subjectivity here but I am working as best I can to ensure that all views are heard on this subject and we will be doing a major post on this next week.  So if you have an opinion please share it on the blog or again by mailing

Have a good weekend and look for the next post to be on Monday.

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One Response to Too Much Wine at the Dunhill?

  1. James says:

    Thanks for all the smiles and chuckles this blog brings to me in this difficult time. Current contract buyer on the 30th floor. Cheers…..ciao

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