Sipping Wine at the Dunhill with Dennis Marsoun

In yesterday’s post, I referred to the “must-read” Marsoun Report, which described the trend in pricing of condos over the years in Uptown and talked specifically about the challenges the Vue faces. The author of the report, Dennis Marsoun, invited me to the weekly Wine Tasting that he “hosts” at the Dunhill each week. This is one of his “offices,” and I figured how bad can this person be who works out of an upscale wine bar!

I have to tell you it was an extremely informative discussion. There were multiple takeaways, but the key takeaway for me was this: there is NO COMP IN CHARLOTTE FOR THE VUE. I know there have been several posts made that the Avenue is a good comp. There was one post that suggested the Madison might be a comp. Dennis was firm…I gave him a half-dozen “yes buts”…and his reply was the same, and that reply was sorry, neither one of those buildings or any of the buildings in Charlotte are comps. The Vue is in a class of its own.

I should now mention that before even meeting with him, I wanted to be sure he had no vested interest one way or the other in the Vue. That the readers of this blog simply want genuine points of view, not biased. He admitted wholeheartedly that he is very biased towards Uptown living. I am ok with that, and judging from my experience at the Dunhill, I certainly could see where he was coming from! But he reviewed properties all over Charlotte with me, and is willing to take me to see any of them. But he said I will walk away with the same perspective as he has, which is the Vue is one-of-a-kind in Charlotte.

I have contributors to this blog that have and will vehemently disagree with this view. I plan to make a judgement for myself in the near future, and will share my view once I do. I hope some of you will do the same. But he had me totally convinced, the Vue has no peer in Charlotte. This is of course what we all want to believe, but we need assurances from objective observers that is indeed the case. I got one last night!

In future posts I will share more of what I learned in the discussion. There is too much to cover in one post. I will mention that Dennis will be at the Vue Unveiling Event, but he will also be at the Dunhill next Wednesday (as he is every week) and is glad to speak to any of our readers in the same frank manner that he talked with me. I highly recommend you pay the Dunhill a visit next Wednesday and meet Dennis if you can. In the worst case you will meet some new people and enjoy some very nice wine.

The attractive and cheery bartender Kendra asked me as I was leaving how I knew Dennis (he is very famous at the Dunhill). I explained to her that I met him online. That drew quite a reaction as I bid her good night and headed for Fuel Pizza before heading home (without Dennis)!  🙂

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