The Cruel Math in the Must-Read Marsoun Report

I was minding my own business when a colleague handed me a newsletter that he found in an office Uptown while waiting for his car rental the other day. It was entitled the Marsoun Report and it is written by Dennis Marsoun, a realtor/partner of Center City Realty. The front page of the newsletter had the following headline: The Saga of the Vue Continues. I am not going to comment on the article now, I am going to let it speak for itself.  Tomorrow based on comments and questions, I’ll elaborate a bit more. Be sure to scroll down when you go to the link because the article is not at the top. I encourage you also to read the other posts at this site. I found many of them informative.  The Vue is mentioned in a couple of them going back in history.

Of all the articles posted so far in this blog, the Marsoun Report is in my top 3 of “must-reads.” Feedback can be posted in a comment below or sent to

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One Response to The Cruel Math in the Must-Read Marsoun Report

  1. Vue Buyer says:

    Marsoun states “But that is not the case. 2010 to date $ SqFt is near 2004 levels at $220. % of Asking Price is running around 79%.”

    In yesterdays post someone stated that Avenue 2 bedrooms were selling much higher than what these Realtors are quoting. So I did some checking myself and it’s true. The list of 2 bedrooms that was given yesterday is the correct selling price per square foot and in fact the location of the unit and the floor plan layout does seem to have a huge impact on the price.

    Avenue 2 bed/2bath units sold in the past 9 months:
    unit 2914 $295 sq. ft.
unit 2707 $282 sq. ft.
    unit 1307 $268 sq. ft.
unit 1607 $292 sq. ft. 

    unit 3407 $314 sq. ft. 

    unit 3415 $273 sq. ft.
    unit 3202 $323 sq. ft.

    So why are the Realtors lumping in all of Uptown condos prices when they are comparing to the likes of the VUE ? It seems that if you averaged the 2 bedrooms at Avenue you would fall around $295 per square foot. The VUE I would estimate would go for slightly higher due to it being even more luxurious. Again, I am betting that view, height of your floor and lay out will be key.

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