Will We Take Advantage of our Vue?

I had hoped this week we would begin to get some news on appraisals and closing dates. We may still receive some and if so the information will be posted immediately. I must tell you though that I am starting to have my doubts. 🙂

Facebook, blogs, email…all have their plusses and minuses when it comes to information sharing and privacy considerations. It feels like now that most buyers are leaning towards remaining in the “silent majority.” I truly hope this changes. We have had some tremendously helpful exceptions where we learned so much about what happened to buyers in Orlando; what to look for as we go into negotiations here; the plight of some who really can’t go forward and were looking for options; how the Avenue was suggested as a good comp for our units, and so on. But presumably dozens and dozens of engagement letters for the first 25 floors have gone out; and I can tell by our blog stats that days we get a relatively eye-popping number of views in a day checking to see what the latest news is, and really the only folks that know about our blog are pre-sales buyers so I know it is not a problem with visibility to the opportunity we have.  So why have we heard from relatively few in the two excellent forums that have been set up?

I think first off it is because the process is probably just getting under way. Once the letters are received it takes time to get inspection appointments set up and the closing dates arranged. So in fact it may be the case that I just have to be patient. But I still have a deep suspicion there is much more going on than we are hearing about.

Ideally, the best kind of information we could get would be something like this: I contracted for unit xxxx in October 200x for xxxx price. I had an independent appraisal done and it was valued at xxxx price. I viewed my unit and I thought it was everything I hoped it would be. I hope to close by the end of the month.

Now, let’s say I wanted to be a little more private. I would say something like this: I contracted for a unit in mid-2000 and my appraisal just came in at X% of what I paid. 

Now, how would I post the information I felt would be helpful to share? Well, if I wanted complete anonymity (for whatever reason) I would go through the trouble of creating a new email address (you have probably seen Mike Smith and I discovered I think I have a wife now that I wasn’t aware of named Mrs. Smith <g>) and then either posting on the blog or sending email to Vuebuyer10@yahoo.com [Facebook doesn’t make sense in this specific scenario]. If I wasn’t quite as concerned about privacy I would send email to Vuebuyer10@yahoo.com under one of my current email addresses as several have (and that I am grateful for) and your anonymity would be preserved. If I was completely open I would simply post on the blog comments or the Homebuyers forum (as several have) and which I know we are all grateful for.

At any rate, if news breaks we’ll post it, but otherwise we’ll start up again next week and hope that the information begins rolling in and that we are able to take full advantage of our Vue! Have a great weekend!

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