Vue Nerves Kicking In Again…Where Did Costs Get Cut?

While we wait for some appraisal results and feedback on the closing process from Wave 1 buyers, we are left with idle time in which to let our minds wander off and worry. Readers of this blog know there is plenty of angst in these posts. As one of my readers will surely point out…there I go again…about to blame all my problems on George Bush!

When executives go on site visits and address their employees, one of the common questions from the audience is: “What keeps you up at night?” Well, no question, I don’t get much sleep lately as many of you can probably tell. And one of the things I ask myself is…where did MCL cut costs? If you watched the Dan McLean video, you learned one of the key success factors of his company and one of his core strengths is finance. And I am quite certain that the company that first developed the Vue before MCL took it over was just the opposite. They were not focusing on costs. They were focusing on features. Top of the line everything! From baths that had water flowing down the sides to wine cellars to high-speed broadband to exercise equipment to fingerprint security…you name it, they were throwing it in! Every item was going to be best of breed! I had this vision that I would wake up in the morning and somehow my robotic dishwasher would have grabbed all the dishes on the counter, swooped them inside and scrubbed them thoroughly, and then dried them quietly and put them back in the top of the line cabinetry! OK, I am exaggerating, but you get the point. The Vue was going to be top-notch.

As I await seeing my unit and the building itself, I am dreading that the cost-cutters of MCL took the former company’s vision of building a Lexus and has turned it into a Civic. A Civic can look beautiful in a showroom; it gets great gas mileage; it serves its purpose, but it does not ride like a Lexus. This could be an irrational concern, I fully admit that. There may be no basis to it. But I am simply speaking what goes on in my mind since no one has sent me their appraisal yet and I am left staring at the walls!

One of our readers is trying to sell his unit at the Avenue, and has been pointing out the differences in quality between the 2 buildings with me in m mail. I am collecting those and asking as best I can for information that confirms or denies the points being made, and hope to have a post on it soon. Competition is good because it is there you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of each product from the person trying to sell theirs. If you know of cost cuts or things that were changed or scaled back at the Vue due to the economic downturn please post a comment or send feedback to

In the meantime, I will work on trying to stay positive and will be looking forward to seeing the beautiful creation that we all expect the Vue to be. I ask that you share your experiences to get my mind going back in a positive direction! And I know we are all looking forward to the unveiling of the Vue on September 16th…that event should certainly help, unless of course, my cost-cutting fears are confirmed by 2 Buck Chuck wine from Trader Joe’s being served!

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