Vue Documents are in the Mail!

If you are not in Wave 1 and are curious about the closing process and the documents involved, here is some info on how it has worked so far. The Vue will send you a letter notifying you of your closing date, which you will need to call and confirm. It was sent 4+ weeks prior to the closing date. A couple of weeks prior to the closing date, you will receive this following document from the firm that the Vue has arranged to ensure that the closing is handled legally: Closing Engagement Letter.

Notice there is a fee ($450.00) and that you can (and probably should) bring your own Real Estate Attorney. The firm states clearly in the letter that they play a limited role in representing all parties: you, the purchaser, the Vue (referred to as the seller/builder), and the lender.

There is nothing exciting or any blockbuster revealations in this document, and to my knowledge it is not confidential or a really problem that it is posted here. This is simply so those that haven’t gotten them yet know what is coming.

The question we all probably have is just how many people have received these documents? And even more important, how many people who received them in Wave 1 plan to close? The more that do close the less worried all parties, including MCL, will be. So I am sure right now we are all wondering the same thing.  

If anyone has feedback as you go through the process please share on the Vue Homebuyer’s group, in a blog comment, or by writing Good luck to all in Wave 1!

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1 Response to Vue Documents are in the Mail!

  1. Megan Sadler says:

    Do you know when the first closing date is? thanks!

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