Vue Closing Letters Out…

The Vue closing letters for floors 1-25 have gone out and expect a sample to be posted this week for those of you that may not have gotten one because you are on a higher floor. Keep your fingers crossed because I also expect to have some appraisal news this week as well.

One question I asked some of my sources was this: how soon will we know once a unit has closed what the contracted price was? The answer I received was this: that the Vue is using the MLS to market units and therefore by the rules of MLS the final price has to be posted within 36 hours of the closing.  If, for some reason, this is incorrect, it takes about 2 weeks for the closing to show up in the public records. 

I’ve also learned the price that shows up in the MLS or in public records may not tell you everything there is to know about the sale. We’ll discuss what this means in a future post as well. For now, let me reiterate that there is no better source of information than each of us that that goes in and closes and then explains how the closing went either in the blog our our other homebuyer’s forum. I am of course hoping that “the silent majority” will be very open after they have closed on their units and share their experiences. This will be the ultimate help as we all move towards our own personal closings.

So stay tuned and if you have questions or concerns, post a comment or write to

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