The Vue’s Developer: MCL’s Dan McLean

One factoid before I get into today’s post: it turns out reading our other forum that there may be one or more buyers that will have actually closed on their units by the time of the Vue Unveiling event on September 16th! These folks are most certainly the bravest of the brave and I wish them well!

I don’t remember the circumstance that led to this, but somehow I stumbled upon some video on YouTube of Dan McLean talking briefly about his background and then some projects he was working on at the time. The video was from a couple of year’s ago. There are many that blame both Dan McLean and George Bush for the contracts we signed, and will see evil in these men no matter what the truth is. I can assure my one commenter out there who accuses me of being in this camp…pas moi!

It’s a 2 part video, and about 4 minutes 30 seconds into the second one, the Charlotte project is mentioned, but again really nothing newsworthy. What I was looking for in these videos is to see what kind of man is Dan McLean; how is he at his profession; what is his background; generally asking myself the question, would I buy a used car from this person? Having watched the 2 videos, I walked away with the impression that he is an experienced top pro at what he does, a seemingly good and humble man despite many successful and I am sure extremely profitable projects in Real Estate (Big Ten fans should be made aware he is a Hawkeye), and that we are going to have to cross him off our bad guy list which will leave George Bush all by himself as the man to blame. 🙂

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

We are still hoping for updates from the first wave, so please share either on this forum, the Vue Buyers forum, or in email to There will be no posts over the weekend, so we’ll see you next week!

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