The Avenue Condos as a Comp for the Vue Charlotte

In yesterday’s post, we showed recent sales a the Avenue condos ranging in the 263 – 323 range per square foot. For the current listings, we cannot get the price per square foot from the MLS, because the listings are only shown in a square foot range. Be that as it may, the listings are below. Click on the image to view it better if it is not easily readable.

Avenue Condo Current Listings

Also, I am trying to obtain permission to print some details of a recent visit to the Madison, which we referred to in a previous post. From what little I do know now, it is a must-see as a comp.

Activity seems to be starting up as the “rumors” of closing letters going out are starting to turn out to be closer to “facts!” So stay tuned and by all means, share!

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One Response to The Avenue Condos as a Comp for the Vue Charlotte

  1. Juan says:

    Avenue Unit 2502 (, which is currently priced at $449,500 (the increase was a mistake by the MLS listing agent] is 1,271 square feet or $354 per square foot. Unquestionably the best floor plan at Ave and the most sought after corner units.

    Keep in mind that the Avenue HOA is extremely well-funded with over $700,000 in assets including over $400,000 in cash. Dues have remained stable at Ave for 3 years and the rumor is they will soon decrease as the building is managed so well.

    HOA finances will likely become a serious issue for Vue buyers as they will likely double or triple as most units will not close. It’s happened before at several Charlotte condos. Dues at Fifth and Poplar have recently doubled (and they still have a negative balance in the HOA) as the building is sinking into the ground…right next to Vue!

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