What Condo To Use for a Comp to the Vue Charlotte?

I have posed this question to numerous agents, including the very helpful Jonathan Osman at Charlotte House Hunter. The closest comp we have in Charlotte seems to be the Avenue Condominiums. It’s relatively new, in the same ward, and is full service with many amenities like the Vue, including a pool. This site here has some pictures, some data,  and has a positive write-up about it: ActiveRain. Information can also be found on the Avenue Condominiums at the Living Uptown Charlotte  site I have referred to in earlier posts.

I was provided a recent set of numbers that show this: There are 13 units that sold in 2010. 6 were 2/2’s ranging from 268-323 psf.  7 were 1/1’s ranging from 269-316 psf. 28 are currently on the market. Previous sale data is listed below. Click on the image to be able to view it a little more clearly if it is not readable.

Avenue Condo Sales Prices

Orig LP: What it was listed for originally when it went on the market

LP: The list price it was reduced to

Prev Sale: This was the price the condo originally sold for when they first came on the market

These square foot range prices should give you an idea of what the market is paying per square foot for units comparable to the Vue in amenities and quality. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll show what the current listings are for the Avenue Condos.

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