Vue Charlotte Certificate of Occupancy?

The Homebuyer’s page on Facebook reports a “rumor” that the Vue has received it is Certificate of Occupancy and that closing letters are about to go out.  If we could get confirmation about this in a comment that would be great.

You are still owed a detailed comp to use as one set of data for your price appraisal on your unit, and it will be provided either Wednesday or Thursday.

If the CO is indeed in place, all the speculation and hype will now morph into real dollars and cents decisions. It is important that we all help each other and the Vue make this project a success. I do hope that those of us early buyers, the ones that have stood behind the Vue all these years, get a break!

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2 Responses to Vue Charlotte Certificate of Occupancy?

  1. Jim Smith's Wife says:

    The Vue did receive a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy late Friday afternoon, and it is posted and clearly visible in the front window of the lobby. We were told by the Vue sales office that the first closing notification letters will be mailed sometime this week and that closings will begin 30 days from probably Monday. I think you all should feel free to call the Vue office when you have questions like this — we have always found them to be more than forthcoming with whatever information we’re looking for (except, of course, for pricing information!!)

  2. VueBuyer says:

    We spoke to The Vue yesterday and were told the c/o would be in place in about 2 weeks. They also commented that letters would go out in about 2 weeks.

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