The Condo Market as the Vue Makes its Debut

In researching the condo market in uptown, I came across a very informative site that you can use as a reference for keeping up with sales and the state of the market. It can be found here:  Over the course of this week, this blog will discuss some of the information that can be found here. In reading some of the commentary on the site, there seems to be great anticipation of the Vue coming to market. I believe that is good news. There is no question the market, while condos have been moving, has not been spectacular. However, if the Vue can hold its pre-sales together, and we all know they seem to be taking the right actions in order to accomplish this, the Uptown condo market would really get a positive jolt. 

If you have other sites you use to keep up with Uptown, please share them in the comments. If you have thoughts as you read through the living Uptown Charlotte site, please share them as well. Otherwise, look for future posts this week on relevant statistics and commentary on what’s going on in Uptown as well as a look at some detailed sales numbers for a condo complex that has been described by some as a good comp for the Vue.

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