A New Luxury Condo Complex in Uptown

Every day I search the Charlotte Observer online to see what’s in the news regarding the Vue. In a search I did today, a headline came up: Foreclosure Started on 80 Lots at the Palisades. Under this headline deep into the article it mentions some new luxury condos that just came on the market that I had never heard of called The Madison. It is apparently a 26 unit tower on East Martin Luther King Boulevard across from the Nascar Hall of Fame. It is described along with the Vue as being the only 2 luxury condos that got built post-boom in “what some say is a saturated condo market.”  I have seen no marketing for these condos and have no idea how they compare with what we have bought. But it seems if you read the article that the prices they were targeting initially when they launched the project have been lowered as the project now comes to market. They were able to absorb a price reduction and able to set the prices with “today’s real estate market in mind” because they have no debt on the property according to the article.  If you know anything about these condos or happen to visit, please share your information here. What we hope to hear is that the Vue has a superior product and is a better value!

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One Response to A New Luxury Condo Complex in Uptown

  1. RJC says:

    The Madison are the condos between The Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn by the NASCAR Hall of Fame. They filled in the gap and the clock tower that stood there for years with these condos. I saw the article you were speaking about and agree that they have not advertised all. In my opinion, complete different product than the Vue. There really isn’t any residential in 2nd Ward. But they do look nice from the outside and much improvement on your approach into the city from South Blvd.

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