Vue Buyers Have Come Together

It seems that where we had a blog with relatively few visits we now have a significantly larger audience. As things progress we can share what we know here and help each other make good decisions.  I am very pleased with the number of buyers that are now banding together!

Earlier posts have been on the negative side but it is important to point out that all buyers, aggrieved or excited, need the Vue to succeed. If the asset is diminished due to buyer unrest and bad publicity, no one wins. Both sides need to understand that…the buyers who can’t close and now need their money back, as well as the Vue Developer, that has the power to help those whose circumstances have changed.  Unfortunately we have not heard a single bit of possible help being offered by the Vue Developer, and that is not going to bode well for some terrible PR, especially if the number of troubled buyers is large. So it behoove both sides, the folks ready to move forward and the folks needing to pull out, to prevail upon the Developer to provide some good options for the folks unable to close.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Vue Developer should help the troubled buyers or is a contract and contract, and that’s the way life goes sometimes for the folks that can’t afford to close?

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