Wishes for a Better Vue

If you could be granted 3 wishes for the Vue, what would they be? My first wish is I need TIME. Don’t you feel under the gun to make a huge financial decision with literally no time to spare? Not knowing how much the condos are really worth? Not being able to sell your house and move in the time allotted? Not sure how many people may even follow you? I think the Vue should grant us time to sort this out.

A Second Wish would be COMMUNICATION. Remember that eery silence when we had to find out through the Newspaper Headlines that construction had stopped? It feels that way now, at least to me.

A final wish, alas, as I think more about what is transpiring, is my money back. Would you do the same thing today that you did several years ago if you had a choice? Would you march up to the Vue right now and buy a unit? Only the riskiest of risk takers would. And you can bet they wouldn’t pay the prices set back in mid-2000.

What are your wishes for the Vue? Share them and let’s at least try and remedy Wish 2, which is communication!

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